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Welcome to our poetry website, pull up a chair and immerse yourself in the poems written by our Poetry Associates and our Visiting Poets. We aim to create a friendly website where you feel at ease, and where you can free yourself from the daily burdens of life. Our preference is for poetry in rhyme but all forms are allowed.

Become an Associate yourself by registering as a member and then submitting poems to these pages free of charge. As an Associate we ask for at least one comment on the poems you read before submitting your own poem and you will also receive comments on your own poetry submissions

If Associate membership doesn't interest you we offer an alternative - Visiting Poet. If you chose this option then you can submit your poem free of charge and without the need to comment on another's work or receive comments for your own. However we hope you will still register as a member.

Not all poems submitted will be accepted. Poems submitted must be your own work and suitable to be read by all ages. By submitting your poem you agree to give www.poetry2share.com a one time only right to publish your work on this website and that you will abide by the website rules.

We are constantly updating and adding improvements to our website.  Please be patient with us, we are receptive to suggested improvements if we feel it will be of benefit to other users. Enjoy yourself and help us make this site a pleasure for all who use it.


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